How to pack when moving house

How to pack when moving house

Packing is one of the most tiresome parts of moving. Knowing how to pack properly, and choosing the right packing boxes and containers, will help ease the stress.

Having to pack up an entire house to move can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have a lot of stuff. However the more organised you are, the more time and energy you’ll save. Follow our five tips and you’ll feel less stressed and should have an easier time when it comes to unpacking.

1. Pack one room at a time

You’ll feel more organised packing each room systematically. Pack least-used items first. When unpacking leave these boxes for another day if you run out of time. Clearly label boxes, for example: ‘Tom’s soft toys’. You could also make a spreadsheet detailing items for each room or box so you know where everything is, or make use of a moving-house app.

2. Get the right box or container

Moving companies sell specialised items that can help you save valuable time. Instead of wrapping glasses in newspaper, pop them into a crockery box with a handy cardboard divider. Wardrobe boxes come with a railing so you can put clothes on their hangers straight into them. There are also boxes for flat-screen TVs, wine cartons and tough plastic moving bags that are more durable than dedicated garbage ones, which may split.

3. Don’t overpack

Make sure you have enough boxes and bags so you don’t overpack. If boxes are very heavy they’ll take longer to shift, or the contents may spill out. Pack heavy and light items in the same box with lighter things on top. Pack things such as books in medium-sized boxes rather than jumbo boxes so they’re easy to carry.

4. Protect your things

Wrap your things securely – particularly if your stuff is travelling a long distance or over bumpy roads. The last thing you want to deal with is broken items upon unpacking. Bubble wrap will protect delicate items such as glassware and ornaments. If you’re worried about furniture, wrap it in rolls of corrugated cardboard, available from moving companies. Protection blankets will cushion bulky items that don’t fit in a box, or use an old blanket of your own. And consider wrapping things in white packing paper instead of newspaper as ink can stain.

5. Pack and plan for your first night

Pack an essentials box for your first night in your new home in case you run out of energy to unpack everything. Include toiletries, bottled water, toilet paper, snacks, pyjamas and a change of clothes. Also make sure you connect your utilities at least three days ahead of time so you’re not sitting in the dark.

Be smart when it comes to packing up your home and you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to unpack at your new place.