Higher power bill? Here are four possible reasons


An unexpectedly high energy bill can cause bill shock. As well as stressing you out, finding the extra funds to cover the inflated bill could leave you financially vulnerable. The good news is that your future energy bills can be reduced with a few savvy lifestyle choices. Here are the top five reasons your bill could be high and some tips to help you combat them.

1. You’ve been relying heavily on appliances to heat or cool your home

Heating or cooling can account for as much as 50% of your home energy use. Cut down your reliance on these appliances by ensuring your home is already energy efficient. Seal windows and doors against draughts and check for adequate insulation in your ceilings and walls. These two steps will go a long way to reducing your home’s heating or cooling load.


2. You’re running old appliances

Your dependable old fridge, dryer, dishwasher or washing machine could be burning a big hole in your wallet. It’s a fact that newer appliances use less energy and can save you money. For example, refrigerators made after the year 2000 are between 40% and 60% more energy efficient than their predecessors. Replacing an old fridge with a super-efficient energy-star-rated modern fridge can save you up to $250 a year on your energy bill.

3. You’re comparing your bill to the previous billing period

Seasonal changes can account for significant differences in your power bills, so it’s not always prudent to compare your most recent bill to your last bill. Instead, compare year-on-year bills for the same billing periods. When comparing, check that the number of days in your billing period is the same and that any concessions or discounts have been applied to your most recent bill.  

4. You’re using more hot water

Have you got a leaky hot-water system, or a family member that likes long, hot showers? This could explain your higher bill. Electrical hot-water systems can account for up to 27% of household energy use and the more hot water you use, the higher your electricity bill will be. Keep costs down by repairing leaks and installing an energy-efficient four-star showerhead. Turning your hot-water system off when not in use and back on again when you need it can save you up to $400 a year.

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