8 of the best gadgets for pet lovers

8 of the best gadgets for pet lovers

Technology has made our lives more convenient and comfortable than ever before, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t extend the same advantage to our beloved family pets. Whether you’ve got a sleepy apartment cat, a handbag-size puppy or a couple of overly excited Dobermans running around, there’s a variety of innovative tech toys and gadgets on the market to keep them occupied – and make your life a little easier.

Food, glorious food 

If you own a couple of pets, you’ll know all too well that personal food bowls mean nothing, and that a hungry pooch will eat anything in sight – including the cat’s dinner.
The WonderBowl solves that problem by linking to sensors on the animal’s collar, and only opening when they approach.
Meanwhile, if you’re away from home for extended periods, a remote dog-treat dispenser can help alleviate some of the stress of lining up a (possibly unreliable) neighbour to feed Fido. The Pintofeed can be programmed to hand out snacks (or proper meals) throughout the day, and ensures your pet will never go hungry.

Baby it’s cold outside 

If you can feel the cold, chances are your pet's shivers aren't too far behind. Wrapping them up in a sweater is fine if you’re heading outside, but if you want to keep them warm and toasty in the living room, the Regent Heated Pet Bed is the luxurious option. Its throne-like design radiates heat from the outer edges, keeping your pet comfortable on even the coldest nights.

Physical fitness puppy 

A healthy pet is a happy one, and the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor lets you ensure the puppy is getting its recommended exercise. Simply attach it to their collar and monitor their activity - and the calories they are burning – directly from your smartphone.
More advanced options, like the Voyce dog collar, will track everything from the animal’s pulse to its cardio routines, plotting them all on a neat, smartphone-friendly chart. 

Avoid the dog catcher 

If your dog is prone to jumping fences and going on little adventures, an electronic tracker will help you find them before the pound does. It’s a great security device for any pet (but especially for curious new puppies).
Just attach the tracker, such as the Tagg, to their collar and it'll act like a GPS, sending you co-ordinates on a map synched to your smartphone.

Who's chewing your slippers? 

If you want to keep tabs on your new puppy or kitten while at work or out and about, the Petcube is just what you’ve been looking for. Working in much the same way as a baby monitor, it lets you remotely view a room from your smartphone or tablet screen. You can finally solve the mystery of the chewed up slippers or overturned flowerpot!

Am I coming or going? 

There’s nothing worse than being locked out of the house. And it’s no different for your pet – if they're allowed inside, that is. An automatic pet door linked to a sensor on their collar means they can come and go as they please, enjoy the afternoon sun or escape the rain, and then nip back into the house for a quick snack or nap.

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