5 tips to help you succeed in the rental market

5 tips to help you succeed in the rental market

If you need to move house, follow these five tips to help your application stand out, maximising your chances of securing that rental home. 

1.Make a great first impression

More often than not inspection day is the only time real estate agents meet applicants before they make a decision, so your interactions here are crucial. Wear neat clothing, make a point of introducing yourself, be courteous, and express your enthusiasm for the property. Agents see a lot of people in one day so do your best to make a great first impression.

2.Compile your documents

Having a standout application is about proving you’ll make a great tenant and the only way to do this is to come prepared. Have copies of your pay slips, bank statements, previous tenant ledgers, and, ideally, at least one personal reference and one from a previous landlord, together with a well-written cover letter explaining who you are.

If you’re sharing, make sure your flatmates also have their documentation ready.

3.Complete the application ahead of time

If you’ve searched online and you’re particularly fond of a place, it could help to have the completed application form in hand. Many agencies now have online application forms so you can print them and prepare ahead of time. If they don’t have an online form, get in touch with the agent to introduce yourself ahead of the inspection. It’s a great excuse to make first contact.

4.Make a follow-up call

While we would never recommend hounding an agent, making a follow-up call a few days after you have sent your application gives you a chance to express your enthusiasm for the property and to stand out from the pack. You can also take this opportunity to find out whether there is any additional documentation you can give the agent to help you get across the line.

5.Offer something extra

If you’ve spoken to the agent and you know it’s come down to just you and one other person, offering a little extra rent or an earlier lease start date could get you across the line. As tempting as it can be to offer whatever it will take, make sure you can afford what you offer, and that you’re paying the right amount in rent.

Once you’ve secured your new rental property, try our free estimate tool to find the right energy plan for your new home and contact us to connect your utilities.