The power of integrated customer experiences


We are thrilled to announce a monumental shift that will redefine our customer service experience. We proudly worked with Optus to unveil the Optus Cloud Contact (OCC) solution, powered by NICE CXone, our all-new contact centre platform. This not only transforms the way our agents interact with our customers, but also revolutionises the underlying technology powering our communications channels.

This game-changing endeavour demonstrates our commitment to continuously improve the customer journey and enhance the quality of our interactions. With this shift, we aim to raise the bar for customer service while remaining dedicated to serving 1.6 million Australians.

A transformation impacting millions

The adoption of the OCC solution, powered by NICE CXone, has far-reaching implications for us and our customer base.

With 1.6 million customers engaging through email and participating in 10,000 daily phone conversations, this transformation directly impacts the experiences of everyone we interact with.

Our 1,400 agents across Australia and our international locations use this innovative platform to deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint.

Seamless integration for harmonious service

The technical integration of the OCC/NICE CXone platform with our suite of applications and platforms has been a complex, yet essential, undertaking. Our dedicated project team, consisting of over 50 talented individuals, collaborated with approximately 60 agents and the wider organisation to ensure a successful transition.

This meticulous planning and execution between our people, Optus, and NICE established a harmonious and integrated system that lets us serve our customers more effectively.

The delivery of the platform to our Customer Business was completed through our partnership with Optus, who led the implementation with NICE. Optus has been our long-term contact centre partner, and we continue to leverage their customer experience (CX) expertise, thought leadership, and strong technical services to support our contact centre strategy.

Embracing the cloud for continuous evolution

The adoption of a cloud-based platform reflects our commitment to embracing rapid change. The OCC/NICE CXone cloud platform gives us a scalable and flexible solution that evolves alongside industry advancements.

This forward-thinking approach ensures our customers benefit from the latest innovations, letting us consistently exceed their expectations.

A ground-up transformation

Our transition to the OCC/NICE CXone platform marks a ground-up transformation of our legacy Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) platform. By embarking on this ambitious journey, we have reimagined our customer service operations, elevating them to new heights. We recognise that achieving greatness requires not only boldness, but also a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

We remain committed to providing top-notch service while embracing the technologies that let us do so.

Unlocking new possibilities

The new platform empowers us to unlock a myriad of exciting possibilities in our customer interactions. These include advanced features, like customer call back options, which let us offer greater convenience and more personalised service.

We use these capabilities to make every interaction with us seamless, efficient, and tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

According to Steve Manos, Program Manager, "We have simultaneously upgraded our platform to the latest technology, enhanced our CX through optimisations made possible in the delivery process, and embedded the foundations for the continual improvement of the service we offer our customers."

Christine Griffett, Lead Product Owner, shares her perspective, "With my 16-year experience at EnergyAustralia, I have had the privilege of witnessing significant transformations over the years. Actively participating in this change, which holds immense potential for the business and our customers, is a highlight. Our newly introduced contact centre platform not only empowers EnergyAustralia to seamlessly adapt and evolve, but also lets us stay agile and responsive in meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. It is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional service and creating substantial benefits for all."

As we embrace this epic transformation, we invite our customers to join us on this exciting journey, confident that we can build a brighter and more customer-centric future together.