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Your Long Weekend Energy Saving Checklist

A young lady sits in the open balcony of her apartment with a cup of tea

Make no mistake, there's certainly no need to change your plans to ensure your long weekend is an energy-efficient one.

Whether going away or staying home, there are a number of simple adjustments you can make to a little save cash on your energy bills. 

To get you through the break with minimal energy wastage, we’ve compiled a checklist that will help make it easy.

1. Consider your office space

Before you set that out-of-office auto-response, look around at what you can do to minimise energy waste while you’re away from your desk. Switch off all task lighting and electronics at your desk, check that there are no appliances on in the kitchenette, and turn off the air-conditioning and hot-water heaters if you have access.

2. Switch off

If you’re staying at home, give your household a few hours of ‘switch off’ time each day where no electronics, including computers, phones, and TVs, are used. This will not only save you energy, but also will carve out some quality family time for the holidays.

3. Make the most of afternoon tea time

A long weekend means more time with friends and family, and most likely the kettle will be getting a workout over plenty of chats and cuppas.  An electric kettle consumes a lot of energy, so make sure you only boil the water you need.

4. Turn down the heating

At home, or at your holiday house - wherever you are this weekend make a note to turn down the heating a little. Lowering your thermostat setting by 1°C can save you 10 per cent on heating costs.

5. Eliminate standby power

If you’re leaving your home for the whole weekend or even just a portion of it, switch off all appliances and televisions at the power point to eliminate sneaky standby-power usage. Appliances in standby mode can add up to 10 per cent of your electricity bill. 

6. Use energy efficient security systems

Want some home security tips over the weekend?  Adding motion sensors and timers to outdoor security lights can help cut your electricity bill by providing light only when it’s needed. Motion sensors also improve security by turning lights on when they detect movement.

If you feel like you could be saving more on your energy bills, some spare time over a long weekend is the perfect time to do some research and make sure you're on the right energy plan for your needs. 

Taking these small steps to reduce your energy use over the long weekend will ensure you can enjoy your break with no unnecessary spending.