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How to track your energy use

How to track your energy use

Different people use energy in different ways. Whether you’re flying solo or part of a family, always in or always out and about, we show you how to track your energy use in your home.

Energy audits

If you’re not sure how much energy you use, now’s a good time to conduct an energy audit. By using the tables provided in our energy tracker, you can work out how much electricity your appliances use.

Thinking about which appliances you use and how you use them will help you understand your energy profile. A good start is downloading the helpful energy-usage diary, which will  help you figure out how much energy is used by your home’s appliances. There are appliances that everyone uses, like fridges, TVs and washing machines, and there are others, like gaming consoles or bar fridges, that only some households will use.

The number, age and efficiency of your appliances will affect your energy use, but they’re not the only variables. Other things that can impact on your energy use include:

  • The number and age of people in your home.
  • Whether your lifestyle is busy or quiet.
  • The size of your home.
  • The climate you live in.

Home energy meters

Another tool to help you figure out your energy use is a home energy meter.  It’s a handy monitor designed to track your home’s total electricity use. It clips on to your electricity meter and transmits information wirelessly to a separate display. The display shows your monthly, daily and hourly energy use, and can also calculate your energy costs.