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Home solar and batteries - simplified


Australia has great potential to harness solar power as the world transitions to more renewable energy sources. The thought of getting solar and battery in your home is exciting until you do your research and quickly realise how complicated, confusing, and expensive solar and battery systems it can all be - it might even make you reconsider or ditch the idea altogether.

Now it's easy and affordable

Solar doesn't need to be complicated. We've created Solar Home Bundle to help you make your home greener, sooner. We'll even find the right high-quality system that's suited for your home and organise the solar system installation.

How does Solar Home Bundle work?


Nothing out of your pocket

The most exciting part of the Solar Home Bundle is that you'll pay nothing upfront. All you need to do is pay your monthly energy bill over the 7-year plan. Early system exit fees apply.

Use electricity like you do today

Using innovative software, your electricity will be delivered from the grid, solar, and batteryYour solar battery will form part of our Virtual Power Plant, “VPP”, a network of solar batteries that help with grid reliability during busy periods, like in a heatwave when the network may be overwhelmed. This won't impact your energy bills.

Billed for usage just like you are today

Pay a competitive rate for the electricity you use, regardless of its source. This electricity usage rate won't increase over the life of the plan.

Yours to own after 7 years

At the end of the 7-year plan, you'll own the solar and battery system outright, and we'll transfer the remaining warranties over to you.

What about usage rates?

You'll be charged a blended usage rate per kWh for the electricity consumed at your home. This includes electricity from the grid or solar electricity generated and drawn from your solar pv system or solar battery storage system. This usage rate won't increase for the life of the plan.

Tested and approved

To test this great opportunity, the offer was initially trialled to a small number of people to see if it'd be successful on a larger rollout. We weren't the only ones who were surprised.

 “We wanted to convert to solar, but we weren't sure how we were going to do it in the short term because of the cost. Essentially, it was an opportunity to go green sooner than we anticipated because the cost was manageable”.

Tania (Solar Home Bundle trial customer)

Comparison website, Finder, agrees. They recently named our Solar Home Bundle as a finalist for its Innovation Award.

Customers embraced the initial trial, which has now resulted in a further rollout across Sydney, the Central Coast, and the Hunter regions of New South Wales. Needless to say, we're very proud of our Solar Home Bundle offer.

Time to turn green

In a time when most families are at home and using more electricity, it's good to know there's a way you can do your bit to go a little greener, sooner.

Solar Home Bundle is available to eligible NSW residential customers in select areas of NSW only. It is designed for owner-occupiers who use large amounts of electricity - typically houses with three or more bedrooms.

To find out more and check your home's eligibility for a solar and battery system, visit Solar Home Bundle or call us on 1800 108 633 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm AEST).

1Solar Home Bundle is only available to eligible residential customers in some areas of New South Wales. To be eligible, the customer must meet specific eligibility criteria and pass required desktop and site assessment checks. Terms and conditions apply, visit to find out more. 2The system is installed at no upfront cost to the customer, provided the customer remains on the plan for 7 years from the date the system is installed at the customer's property. A system exit fee may be payable if the customer leaves the plan within 7 years of the date of installation (including selling or moving home, switching plans, or defaulting on payments). The applicable system exit fee is calculated in accordance with the plan terms and conditions and is dependent on when the customer leaves the plan. 3Customers are charged a blended usage rate per kWh for the electricity consumed at their home, including electricity from the grid or electricity generated by and drawn from the solar or battery system but excluding controlled load usage where applicable. This blended usage rate will not increase from the date of first supply until 7 years after the solar and battery system is installed at the customer's property (benefit period). A daily supply charge also applies. Controlled load is charged at a lower off-peak rate. The daily supply charge and controlled load rates are not fixed and may change during the benefit period, however we will notify the customer of this. Customers do not receive feed-in tariffs. 4To be eligible for this plan your household's average daily usage must be 16kWh or more. A Basic Plan Information Document (BPID) is available on request. A BPID is an information sheet containing the key details of this plan. 5Hardware specifications are subject to change without notice. Any hardware changes will be substituted with products of equal or better specifications and quality.

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