Hallett Power Station

On a typical day, Hallett Power Station can provide approximately five percent of South Australia’s energy needs.

About Hallett

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Built in 2001, EnergyAustralia’s Hallett Power Station has an installed capacity of 203MW and consists of 12 highly flexible gas-turbine generators that deliver electricity to the National Electricity Market.

Located in South Australia

The power station is based in Canowie in South Australia, near the towns of Jamestown and Hallett, around 210km north of Adelaide.

How it works

The power station generates electricity by using natural gas to power its 12 turbine units. Gas is supplied to the station from the Moomba pipeline.

Diesel fuel oil can also be used as a back-up fuel in the event of a gas supply shortfall. The units are controlled either locally from the Hallett control room or remotely from EnergyAustralia’s trading room.

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