Values statement regarding procurement at EA and sustainability

At EnergyAustralia there are three overarching values we hold that are important in everything we do:

  • Our customers are our priority
  • Do the right thing
  • Lead change

Our suppliers are our partners.  They are critical to ensuring that we delivery affordable and sustainable energy solutions to our customers.

Procurement in an opportunity for us to have a positive impact across communities by supporting local and Indigenous businesses where we can.  We ensure that we procure responsibly, and from suppliers who share our values.  We strive to build sustainable and added-value relationships with our suppliers.

We have a Supplier Code of Conduct that sets out our expectations of suppliers in relation to Ethics and Business Conduct, Respect for People, Responsible Environmental Stewardship, Care for Communities and Customers and Privacy.  Our Supplier Code of Conduct also details our whistleblowing service.

Modern Slavery

EnergyAustralia will report to the Australian Commonwealth Government as part of the Modern Slavery Act 2018, and is committed to ensuring there is no slavery or forced labour used in our operations or supply chain.  We want to continue working with suppliers to put in place all the necessary processes and procedures to ensure that EnergyAustralia’s entire supply chain does not include, condone or allow for slavery or forced labour.

Aligned with our commitment to our Supplier Code of Conduct, we will continue to assess our supply chain and operations for modern slavery risks and work on mitigating supply chain risks and remediating any operational risks.

Ariba and S/4HANA

At EnergyAustralia, our Suppliers are an important part of our business, and we’re working hard to find ways to make doing business with us easier. As part of this, we’re investing in new systems to simplify some of these processes and we’re partnering with SAP Ariba (Ariba) to simplify our Procure to Pay process. Ariba allows us to move away from manual processes and seamlessly collaborate and transact with our suppliers.

What does this mean for you?

  • Transacting with us using Ariba is free for a standard account.
  • You’ll experience a more efficient, automated and paper-free document exchange.
  • You’ll enjoy an improved and transparent payment process.

Suppliers new to the Ariba Network generally start transacting for free, though based on the volume and value of your transactions, some fees may apply. To learn more please visit SAP Ariba Subscriptions and Pricing.

To maximise the benefits of moving to Ariba, we'll stop paper-based and fax transactions from our planned go live later in 2020.

Reconciliation Action Plan

View our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Supplying to EnergyAustralia

Payment Terms

EnergyAustralia is a signatory to the Australian Supplier Payment Code for Small Businesses and we offer suppliers who can demonstrate that they are a small business 30-day payment terms.  

As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan we have committed to 14-day payment terms for businesses who can demonstrate that they are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses.

In line with NSW legislation, all suppliers to Mount Piper and Tallawarra energy generation sites are entitled to 30 days from end of month payments terms.

Energy Australia’s standard payment terms for all other suppliers are 60 days from the end of the month from our receipt of a correctly rendered invoice.