October 4, 2012

TRUenergy has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement that it will allow consumers to voluntarily move to flexible pricing plans from July next year and save on their electricity bills.

“Offering customers the choice of competitive, flexible tariffs and plans will allow them to save on their electricity bills,” TRUenergy’s Group Executive Manager, Retail, Adrian Merrick said.

“The Victorian Government’s approach, which gives customers the opportunity to try flexible pricing, is sensible and will help allay any concerns there might be.

“When it comes to electricity tariffs one size does not fit all. The introduction of flexible pricing is critical if we are to help customers to manage their energy use throughout the day and for them to get the most from their energy use. Most importantly this innovation allows customers who are currently restricted to a flat one-size-fits-all energy product the opportunity to select a tariff that fits their consumption patterns.

“Apart from helping customers manage their bills better, flexible pricing will also be critical in helping Victoria tackle peak demand, which leads to increased costs in delivering power to the home.

“We will be ready with innovative plans for our customers to consider from the middle of next year,” Mr Merrick said.

“We have demonstrated our commitment to finding better ways for our customers to save on their energy bills. We are rolling out software that allows our customers to better manage their energy use by tracking when and where electricity is consumed in their homes.

“We are the retail partner to the Federal Government’s Smart Grid, Smart City trial in New South Wales which is allowing customers to trial flexible pricing along with other initiatives including discounts for staying in credit and demand management systems.”