September 13, 2012

One of Australia's largest energy companies, TRUenergy, has welcomed the Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel's report into the Tasmanian energy supply market.

Mark Collette, Director Energy Markets, said the expert panel's review had been very comprehensive and provided a roadmap to encourage greater competition in Tasmania and achieve consumer benefits.

"In particular, the panel has pointed to the critical importance of achieving greater competition in the wholesale energy market to, in turn, support the entrance of new electricity retailers such as TRUenergy into the Tasmanian market.

"To achieve sustainable long-term competition and bring price benefits to consumers it is important that the right building blocks are in place.

"We agree with the report that the reform of the wholesale market will pave the way to full retail contestability. Without wholesale market reform, it is difficult to see new retail entrants."

TRUenergy will contribute further to policy development with the panel through the consultative process in the New Year.