November 14, 2019

EnergyAustralia, one of the country’s leading energy retailers, today said construction of a new fast-start gas generator at its Hallett power station in South Australia was on target to start generating electricity this summer, bolstering the state’s energy grid.

The new turbine will add another 30-megawatts (MW) to the system, which is enough electricity to power an additional 11,000 South Australian homes.

EnergyAustralia Managing Director Catherine Tanna, who visited the site today, said the project was proceeding to both schedule and budget since work began in April 2019.

"South Australia has a foundation of wind and solar power and it’s Hallett’s job to provide back-up when renewable energy is not available, and provide dispatchable generation to support energy system security," Catherine said. "This turbine upgrade is on track to be up and running and delivering reliable power for South Australians this summer."

"A modern, cleaner energy system is taking shape in South Australia, based on solar and wind power and supported by demand response, pumped hydro and battery storage. Flexible generation like this new turbine is another important piece of the energy puzzle," she said.

The new generator, an Aeroderivative Open Cycle Gas Turbine, is a variation of a jet plane engine and has the capacity to reach full load within five minutes from start. The new turbine is more environmentally friendly, using half the amount of fuel of other generators on site.

Local business played a significant role in the project with some engineering and construction services sourced from the region.

"We couldn’t have done this project so well, and safely, without the contribution of local businesses working close with our site team and the lead contractor, GE. It is a credit to everyone involved in the project," Catherine said.

The Hallett power station at Canowie, around 210 kilometres north of Adelaide, currently has 12 operating turbines with total generation capacity of 203 MW, enough to power over 60,000 South Australian homes.