March 30, 2022

On 30 March at around 6:30am, there was a small fire in the Stage 2 (generating units 3 & 4) station coal bunker area at Yallourn power station in the Latrobe Valley. 

This area stores the immediate supply of coal that’s used in the Stage 2 (units 3 & 4) boilers. The situation was brought under control at 1:00pm. 

Importantly, everyone is safe. One worker was treated on site, and as a precaution transported to hospital. They since returned to site before finishing their shift for the day.                                                                                                                             

Yallourn has four generation units in total. Two units have been impacted and are now out of service. We estimate we will be ready to safely return them to service within the coming week. 

WorkSafe Victoria and other relevant authorities were immediately advised of the situation, and we are fully supporting them with their assessment. 

We are also consulting with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) who manages electricity and gas systems and markets across Australia. According to AEMO, at this stage there is sufficient supply to meet forecast demand in Victoria. 

Fire Rescue Victoria has now handed back control of the scene to EnergyAustralia. We will inspect the damage and determine what maintenance and repairs will be needed. A thorough investigation into the cause will follow. 

We thank our people for their swift response to the fire and local emergency services for their continued support.