June 28, 2017

EnergyAustralia, one of Australia’s leading energy retailers, is installing commercial solar systems at four Melbourne transport hub locations - Gardiner, Bentleigh, Ormond and McKinnon railway stations.

The work involves EnergyAustralia and construction contractors John Holland installing 625 high efficiency solar panels across the four stations. 

At full capacity, the panels will produce around 200 kilowatts of emissions-free, renewable energy, enough to power approximately 40 Victorian homes a year.

The systems will range from 50 to 220 panels and will power platform and station lighting, ticketing equipment and security systems, all from renewable energy.

EnergyAustralia Executive – NextGen Andrew Perry, said demand for commercial solar had increased significantly in the past 12 months as businesses wanted modern, efficient technology that delivers reliable, affordable and cleaner energy.

“Right now, batteries, solar and energy-efficient technology are helping households and businesses to become less reliant on the national grid. In most cases solar energy is now cheaper than grid power and a great example of how customers are gaining choice and control," said Mr Perry. 

“Increasingly, customers can choose their source of energy – whether it’s solar generated on their roof or from the national grid – and they’re getting to choose who they get it from and when and how they use that energy. It’s one of the most exciting trends we’re seeing in energy.”

Mr Perry said the installation of solar panels across Gardiner, Bentleigh, Ormond and McKinnon railway stations would help the Level Crossing Authority achieve a strong sustainability rating, something that’s being expected of more businesses in the transition toward a lower-emissions future.

The installations across all four stations will be complete at the end of June. 

The four new stations are part of a $524 million project by the Victorian Government to remove four dangerous level crossings at Burke Road, Glen Iris, North Road, Ormond, McKinnon Road, McKinnon and Centre Road, Bentleigh completed in 2016.

Businesses interested in understanding the benefits of solar for their business can call 1800 241 060.