July 11, 2014
Repealing the carbon price quickly will provide certainty for business and households, EnergyAustralia Group Executive Manager Clare Savage said today.
“If the carbon price legislation is to be repealed, then it is in the best interests of business and households alike that the decision is made sooner rather than later to remove ambiguity and to minimise costly system changes,” Ms Savage said.
“Until the law is repealed, we are legally required to continue paying for carbon, and this is a cost that’s passed to consumers.
“Removing carbon from bills is complex and requires significant changes to be made to our systems.
“We have been clear we will pass on the savings to households if the carbon price is removed.
“We need certainty to ensure we are able to start implementing the changes and the savings are passed to consumers as soon as possible.”
EnergyAustralia will backdate the savings for householders to 1 July, 2014.