July 29, 2020

Average electricity rates for EnergyAustralia residential and business customers in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory will fall for 2020/21, reflecting lower wholesale prices.

The changes, effective 17 August 2020, follow the energy retailer’s annual review of electricity and gas retail market offers.

The reductions in rates will mean savings for households on their average electricity costs ranging from around $67 a year in South Australia to $20 a year in New South Wales. For small-to-medium-sized businesses, falls in average annual electricity costs range from a decline of $150 in South Australia to $50 in Queensland.

New South Wales households will on average save $41 on their annual gas bills while businesses will save $369. Average gas bills for households in other regions are flat.

EnergyAustralia Chief Customer Officer Mark Collette said:

“We are glad to see energy prices have fallen for many of our customers, with some prices flat. Reductions in wholesale energy costs are being passed on to customers, but falls have been offset by an increase in the regulated amount poles and wires networks charge us for transporting electricity around Australia.

“These are very tough times for Australian families and businesses which is why we’ve been expanding our hardship program to get the most support we can to those who need it the most.

“We can help with payment plans and bill extensions. We can put people in touch with trained financial advisors to talk about their individual situation. And we can connect people with government support programs that they may not have known about.

“Since the beginning of March, we’ve set up more than 125,000 payment plans and 76,000 payment extensions and have referred hundreds of residential customers to government grants.

“For small businesses, we’ve established Rapid Business Assist. Our advisors help with tailored payment schedules and advice for lowering consumption. For businesses in hibernation, we can help with free disconnections and reconnections to save them money. Our advisors can also discuss the available government energy relief subsidies. 

“Anyone can find themselves in financial hardship. Any customer who is struggling to pay their energy bill should get in touch immediately. Please – don’t let the issue build up.”


Notes to editors: 

  • Household electricity prices will decrease 1.3% for the average residential customer in Queensland (by about $26 annually), 1.0% in New South Wales (about $20 annually), 2.7% in South Australia (about $67 annually) and 1.7% in ACT (about $31 annually).

  • Household gas prices will decrease 4.6% for the average residential customer in New South Wales (by about $41 annually).

  • For small-to-medium-size businesses, electricity prices will decrease 0.9% in Queensland (by about $50 annually), 0.9% in New South Wales (about $54 annually), 2.5% in South Australia (about $150 annually) and 1.4% in ACT (about $120 annually).

  • Small-to-medium-size businesses, gas will decrease, 3.7% in New South Wales (by about $369 annually).

  • The EnergyAustralia EnergyAssist program supports around 20,000 residential customers in financial distress. Customers get access to measures including tailored payment plans, energy audits and protection from disconnection activity. They also receive information on grant programs and advice on energy usage.

  • To help customers through the pandemic, we’re more than doubling EnergyAssist. This includes:
    • Hiring another 40 specially trained hardship agents, expanding our team to around 70 people;
    • Adding another 25 agents to handle service calls, and;
    • Broadening access to the program to include people financially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Average price changes for customers in 2020/21

Electricity Residential Yearly difference Business Yearly difference
NSW-Ausgrid -1.2% -$23 -1.1% -$64
NSW-Endeavour -0.4% -$10 0.0% -$1
NSW-Essential -0.01% $0 0.0% $0
NSW Overall -1.0% -$20 -0.9% -$54
QLD -1.3% -$26 -0.9% -$50
SA -2.7% -$67 -2.5% -$150
ACT -1.7% -$31 -1.4% -$120
Gas Residential Yearly difference Business Yearly difference
Jemena -4.6% -$41 -3.7% -$369
Riverina -4.8% -$68 -3.5% -$349
Murray Valley 0.0% $0 0.0% $0
Albury 0.0% $0 0.0% $0
Wagga Wagga 0.0% $0 0.0% $0
Queanbeyan 0.0% $0 0.0% $0
South Australia 0.0% $0 0.0% $0