June 24, 2022

Key Points  

  • EnergyAustralia continues to work around the clock to make our generation available to supply homes and businesses.
  • EnergyAustralia recognises that people face tough situations at different times in their lives. Customers experiencing financial difficulty are encouraged to reach out. 

Statement attributed to Mark Collette, Managing Director at EnergyAustralia:    

“We are doing all that we can to make our generators available to provide supply into the system as and when needed.  

“At Yallourn power station in Victoria, three of four generating units are online, with the return of a fourth unit planned for late next week.

“Our operations and maintenance teams have been doing everything possible to facilitate a smooth changeover with another generating unit that has experienced an emerging maintenance issue.

“We now expect that generating unit will come offline before the fourth unit returns to service. Once this happens, our Yallourn team will be working around the clock to safely and promptly return both units to service.

“While Yallourn currently serves an important role in the electricity market, the contribution of our gas-fired assets across Australia cannot be understated.

“Our Hallett, Jeeralang, Tallawarra and Newport power stations combined are operating at seven times their normal volume compared with last year, helping to keep the lights on for all customers.

“At Mt Piper in New South Wales, one generating unit came offline earlier today after unexpectedly disconnecting from the transmission network. The team are working incredibly hard to ensure both units will be in place to support tonight’s evening peak.

“Mt Piper power station is one of New South Wales’ newest and most efficient coal-fired plants that supplies over 10 per cent of the state’s daily maximum electricity demand.

“The team continues to ensure the plant is there when it’s needed most, despite lower coal production and deliveries than planned from its primary supplier at Springvale mine.

“When there is a problem at one of our power stations, we resolve the matter as quickly as possible to ensure the lights stay on for households and businesses.

“EnergyAustralia continues to consult with the Australian Energy Market Operator on the availability of our generating assets across Australia.

“For a variety of reasons, people can find that they are unable to make ends meet. We want to help customers who may be unable to pay their energy bills through our dedicated programs, Rapid Business Assist and EnergyAssist.

“Small businesses can directly call us on 1800 146 749 where one of our specialist advisors will help them, while residential customers can dial 133 466 – we have tailored plans available that can take the stress away.”



EnergyAustralia’s coal-fired assets

The 1430MW Mt Piper power station in New South Wales has two units of 730MW and 700MW respectively. The station was commissioned in stages over 1992 and 1993. A decade ago, there were six local mines capable of supplying Mt Piper. Today, the power station gets most its coal from Springvale mine and deliveries are below expected levels in 2022.

The 1480MW Yallourn power station in Victoria has four generating units and began operations in the 1970s. The site has a history dating back almost a century and is fuelled by the adjacent Yallourn mine, also owned by EnergyAustralia.

Support for customers

EnergyAustralia’s EnergyAssist program means the power won’t be disconnected and debt collection activities won’t be initiated. Residential customers on the program also have access to tailored payment plans, energy audits, information on grant programs and advice on energy usage. 

Through Rapid Business Assist, specialist advisors can discuss ways for EnergyAustralia’s small and medium-sized business customers to lower energy consumption, the government energy relief subsidies available, and options for tailored payment schedules.  

Image: A maintenance team member prepares for the installation of a new drive motor at Yallourn power station in Victoria