June 17, 2022

Media Update - 17 June, 2022

Key Points 

  • EnergyAustralia continues to increase fuel and generation supply into the electricity market with maintenance teams across Australia working 24 hours a day.  

  • The company’s gas-fired assets are currently operating more than seven times the volume compared with the same period last year.  

  • According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, sufficient electricity supply can be made available to meet forecast demand over the weekend across all regions in the National Electricity Market.  

  • EnergyAustralia encourages small business customers who are financially struggling to make contact, as there are a range of measures to support them. 

Statement attributed to Mark Collette, Managing Director at EnergyAustralia:    

Support for Small Businesses 

“With the tight market conditions across the energy sector, EnergyAustralia has a support program in place to support any customer who might be financially struggling, while we continue to introduce more supply into the electricity system.  

“When the coronavirus pandemic first struck in early 2020, EnergyAustralia was the first major energy retailer to stand up dedicated support for small businesses through Rapid Business Assist, alongside our existing residential hardship program, EnergyAssist.  

“The help we offered remains in place today and we encourage our customers, in particular small businesses who may be experiencing hardship, to contact us – it’s best that these conversations happen sooner so that we can tailor an approach that works for them.  

“Small businesses can directly call us on 1800 146 749 where one of our specialist advisors will help them. 

“We are also doing everything possible to support customers who transferred to us through the Retailer of Last Resort scheme by the now suspended retailer, Weston Energy. 

“In this market, we understand how tough it is for businesses to be forced to move to a new provider. Our job now is to ensure that affected customers are provided with the supply of gas they need, as an essential service, so that they can continue running their businesses."  

Energy supply  

“Our gas-fired power stations, Tallawarra, Newport, Jeeralang and Hallett, are playing a big role in powering Australian homes and businesses. Collectively, they are being run more than seven times the volume compared with the same period last year.   

“Yesterday we increased generation at Yallourn power station in Victoria, taking our overall output to three quarters. The fourth unit is still planned to come online later next week.  

“One unit will be safely taken offline tonight at Mount Piper power station in New South Wales. Our aim is to repair and return the unit to service early next week.  

“Meanwhile, deliveries to Mount Piper are below expected levels in 2022, with strong reliance on our primary supplier, Springvale mine."  



Support for Small Business and Residential Customers 

EnergyAustralia’s EnergyAssist program means the power won’t be disconnected and debt collection activities won’t be initiated. Residential customers also have access to tailored payment plans, energy audits, information on grant programs and advice on energy usage. 

Through Rapid Business Assist, specialist advisors can discuss ways for EnergyAustralia’s small and medium-sized business customers, to lower energy consumption, government energy relief subsidies available, and options for tailored payment schedules.  

Under the Victorian Retailer of Last Resort rules, around 390 large and small to medium-sized business customers were displaced by Weston Energy and transferred to EnergyAustralia on 24 May 2022. 

Energy Supply  

While access to firm and affordable gas from producers is problematic at this time, EnergyAustralia continues working with each of these customers to ensure they are provided the gas needed to run their business. It’s important that they are provided choice in another energy retailer. In such cases, EnergyAustralia will transfer them accordingly.