January 28, 2022

This month Tallawarra power station celebrated the significant milestone of 1000 days without any injuries.   

Ivan Currie, Tallawarra Asset Leader, says he’s proud of the achievement, which demonstrates a sustained effort by all Tallawarra people and contractors.   

“What I love about us reaching 1000 days injury free is that it shows the entire Tallawarra team genuinely care and are responsible for each other. And not just for a month or two – over the long-term,” he said.   

“We’ve done some incredible work at Tallawarra over the last 1000 days. From major maintenance programs to the replacement of key machinery, we were able to do these things safely.   

“At Tallawarra we put wellbeing and safety above everything else. I want all our people to go home to their families safe and well each day. 

“Achieving 1000 days without an injury is amazing. But it’s just the beginning – sustaining it over the years ahead is the true goal,” said Ivan. 

Tallawarra is one of Australia’s most thermally efficient, large-scale gas-fired power stations, able to power up to 200,000 homes. It employs around 35 local people.