September 1, 2017

EnergyAustralia, one of the country’s leading energy retailers, today launched a new interactive gas and electricity electronic bill to make it easier for families and businesses to manage their accounts and understand exactly how much they’re paying for energy.

“Energy bills can be confusing – that’s a fact. A lot of what you see is there because of government regulation or industry requirement, but our name is at the top of the bill and customers expect us to do better,” said EnergyAustralia Executive – Customer Experience, David Ackland.

“We’ve done research to understand the information that customers actually value. Not surprisingly it’s the amount due, the due date, their overall energy usage and how much their household uses compared with similar households in their area. Just four things – that’s it.

“We’re putting all this front and centre on our e-Bills so they’re clearer and more informative – which makes them more useful,” Mr Ackland said.

The new e-Bill, delivered via e-mail, is also interactive. It has an ‘add to calendar’ feature which, with a single click, lets customers put a reminder in their smart phone or iPad, so they don’t risk missing out on any pay-on-time discounts or benefits. And if customers prefer a hard copy, they can now print the bill without having to enter a postcode.

EnergyAustralia customers can connect more easily with a specialist, too, by selecting the ‘live chat’ icon on the interactive bill. “So if you’re on the train on the way home from work, click and have a chat with us,” Mr Ackland said.

“The idea behind the new e-Bill is a simple one: it’s about giving customers the information they need and want to make decisions about energy that work for them.

“It’s about putting the customer back in control of their energy so they save money, even if that means they use less energy. And this is just the start – we have many more initiatives in the pipeline as we continue to look for ways to innovate around the customer’s bill experience,” Mr Ackland said.