July 14, 2022

Today EnergyAustralia welcomed a delegation from Sydney Energy Forum, including Assistant Climate Change and Energy Minister, Jenny McAllister, to view the construction of its Tallawarra B power station - Australia’s first carbon offset gas and hydrogen power station. 

Ross Edwards, EnergyAustralia’s Trading, Transition and Reputation Executive, said he was pleased to be able to show the group around the company’s flagship project in the New South Wales Illawarra region. 

“The 316-megawatt power station will help to transform Australia’s energy system when it’s completed in time for the summer of 2023/24 – just as Liddell power station retires. The events over the past weeks have demonstrated how critical diverse and secure forms of energy like Tallawarra B will be for the people of New South Wales,” said Ross.   

“Tallawarra B will fire up quickly, within 30 minutes, stepping in when the supply of renewable energy is low to help keep the lights on for around 150,000 homes. It’s just what our modern energy system needs – fast and flexible generation that complements renewables. 

“Tallawarra B is being built with the support of the Commonwealth and NSW Governments. We’re thankful for their leadership and commitment and appreciate Senator McAllister’s attendance today. 

“We see the Tallawarra B project as helping the government achieve its hydrogen agenda, by kick starting demand for hydrogen and contributing to making the Illawarra a hydrogen hub.”  

The delegation also toured EnergyAustralia’s existing gas-fired Tallawarra A power station.   

“Tallawarra A has really proved its worth over recent weeks, running at around seven times the volume compared with the same period last year. It’s played a vital role in supplying power to our NSW customers during the energy crisis.”  

EnergyAustralia and GE have been working closely to provide GE’s hydrogen-ready gas turbine technology at Tallawarra, which will be GE’s first 9F unit to operate on a blend of hydrogen and natural gas globally. 

GE Australia President, Sam Maresh, said “The visit represented a prime opportunity to showcase how world-class technology was playing a crucial role in Australia’s energy transition. Tallawarra B will be the first large-scale gas-powered power station built in NSW for more than a decade and it will boast the most advanced technology so there was incredible interest from the delegation about what was happening on the ground in Australia.”  

The tour was organised as part of Sydney Energy Forum, co-hosted by the Australian Government and International Energy Agency, with the aim of securing clean energy supply chains for the Indo-Pacific. Senator Jenny McAllister was joined by more than 50 executives from a range of Australian and global corporations and international agencies.