December 18, 2023

EnergyAustralia today confirmed it has successfully completed the first test fire of its new 316MW Tallawarra B gas power station located on the shores of Lake Illawarra at Yallah in southern New South Wales.

EnergyAustralia’s Tallawarra B Project Director Ian Black said: “Successfully completing the test fire is a significant milestone toward Tallawarra B’s commercial operation early in 2024.

“We understand the importance of completing this project to help provide energy security for homes and businesses in New South Wales with what is predicted to be a hot and dry El Niño summer. While there is still more work to complete, we look forward to completing the remaining work to bring Tallawarra B online this summer.”

Mr Black added: “As Australia continues to transition away from coal to renewables, fast-start gas generation assets like Tallawarra B, will play a critical role in supporting electricity reliability at peak periods and at times of low solar and wind production.”

EnergyAustralia and other project partners including GE and over 300 contractors have worked to keep the project on track through supply chain disruptions associated with the COVID pandemic and after the principal project contractor Clough went into administration in December 2022.  AEMO and grid provider Endeavour Energy are supporting Tallawarra B to connect to the grid as efficiently as possible.

Recent Tallawarra B Milestones

  •  Completion of ‘back energisation’ of the station in October which saw Tallawarra B connected to the electricity grid. 
  •  Over $13 million invested in safety measures to manage and monitor Tallawarra B’s exhaust plume. This includes the design and installation of a 54-tonne purpose-built plume dispersion device, real-time plume monitoring technology and other plume safety features.  These measures are designed to meet all Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements ensuring the safety of aircraft using the nearby Shellharbour airport.
  •  Commencing a $300,000 program of work, in partnership with the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Wollongong Botanic Gardens, to rehabilitate land surrounding the Tallawarra A and B power stations with native vegetation.

When commissioned the $300 million Tallawarra B will power up to 180,000[1] homes and small businesses during peak demand periods, providing system reliability and complementing renewables coming into the system. 

Tallawarra B is located adjacent to EnergyAustralia’s existing combined cycle Tallawarra A gas-fired power station which has been in operation since 2009. Tallawarra A is one of Australia’s most thermally efficient, large-scale gas-fired power stations with a generation capacity of 435MW.

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EnergyAustralia acknowledges the support of the NSW Government for the Tallawarra B Power Station Project.


[1] Based on POE50 demand of 1.72kW for an average mass market customer