March 9, 2022

Leading energy retailer, EnergyAustralia, has its sights on the Latrobe Valley and Mildura in a search for people to work in permanent, home-based customer sales and service roles.

It’s part of the company’s plan to recruit its first fully remote call centre team, says Jodie Haydon, Head of People and Culture at EnergyAustralia.

“Well before COVID-19 we began redesigning our approach to work and even gave it a name - Energise. One of the ways we keep our people energised is by embracing flexible working. Now we’ve decided to take this a step further, developing a team who’ll work completely from home.

“As the team won’t need to come into our Melbourne or Geelong offices, or any office, we’ve decided to focus on the Latrobe Valley and Mildura in our search – we’re sure these regions have a lot of untapped talent who’ll be just right for these roles. And I especially encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply, as we’re keen to provide opportunities for Indigenous Australians to work with EnergyAustralia.       

“The jobs we're offering provide a big opportunity for regional workers. It’s providing access to careers that in the past you would have needed to live in a major city to get. 

“Our view is that as long as the work gets done, it doesn’t matter where it’s done. Plus, we know that what people expect of employers is changing and EnergyAustralia is evolving to meet the new demands.

“Some people we’ve already recruited to join the remote team have said they’re excited about never having to commute – it’ll give them more time in their day to do the things they love.”

The roles being recruited by EnergyAustralia are combined service and sales call centre agents. And it's looking for candidates who love talking to people and are eager to learn new skills.

EnergyAustralia is seeking people to start on 4 April 2022. So don’t delay. Find out more and apply today at Careers - Job Vacancies, Career Opportunities - EnergyAustralia.