February 7, 2022

EnergyAustralia has kicked off the New Year with a revitalised brand campaign showcasing how the leading energy retailer and generator is supporting cleaner, affordable, and reliable energy.

The “Doing, Not Just Dreaming” campaign, created by Cummins&Partners, highlights how EnergyAustralia is advancing the clean energy transition in Australia.

EnergyAustralia’s Chief Customer Officer, Mark Brownfield, said that he was proud to see EnergyAustralia people starring in the TVC, social, digital, and print campaign.

“We made a promise to our customers to accelerate the clean energy transition and it’s our people who are making this happen. It was important to us that our people showcase our accomplishments,” said Mark.

“The campaign provides an overview of the types of technologies that will underpin the future energy system, including Australia’s first net zero emissions hydrogen and gas capable power plant, and large-scale battery storage projects,” he said.

“Our Go Neutral program is also profiled in the brand campaign, which is the largest Climate Active certified offset offering in the Australian energy sector. So far, it’s offset over 2.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide – equivalent to taking over 870,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

“We are delighted to feature our customers and partners, including the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, showing it is possible to reduce carbon emissions as well as keep energy costs low.”

The campaign was formally launched on Sunday night across the Eastern seaboard during popular prime time shows, and audiences will have instantly recognised the accompanying music - Fleetwood Mac’s original and legendary song “Don’t Stop” from its Rumours album.

Don’t Stop symbolises our commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and to be out of coal by 2040,” said Mark.  

“We’ve already announced the early retirement of our brown coal-fired power station, Yallourn, in mid-2028 and we’ve also made commitments to pumped hydro, battery and gas projects that are designed to enable more renewables to enter the system.

“Through our two solar and battery offers, we are helping more customers to take control over their energy with no upfront payment.

“We also continue to support customers – big and small – through reliable and increasingly cleaner supplies of electricity. We’ve been doing just that with Australian households and businesses, including Gelato Messina stores who feature in our new brand campaign.

“Our customers can see that EnergyAustralia is serious about the clean energy transition.”

Matt Rose, General Manager at Cummins&Partners, said: “Cummins&Partners are excited to continue our 6+ year partnership with the EnergyAustralia team, and work together to create the next evolution of our Light The Way platform.

“From the concept development phase, media implementation and working with the talented crew at Buddy Films and Coco Productions to create the film and photography assets, we've embraced the "do-er" spirit to bring this campaign to life.”  

EnergyAustralia’s clean energy actions are listed for all their customers to see at: