June 5, 2017
Media Release - EA launches program to improve community groups energy efficiency

EnergyAustralia, one of Australia’s leading energy retailers, today launched a fundraising program – Sunraiser - designed to help community organisations raise money for energy efficient products and services. 

EnergyAustralia’s NextGen executive, Andrew Perry said clean energy must be affordable, sustainable and available to everyone, not just those who can afford it. 

“There are lots of great community groups doing great things, but we know that affordability is often a barrier,” said Mr Perry.

“EnergyAustralia’s priority is helping these groups get back control of their energy consumption, and therefore costs, and the Sunraiser program delivers on this commitment,” said Mr Perry.

“Our local schools, RSLs and sporting clubs are the life blood of our community; we’re proud to be offering these organisations an innovative solution to their energy challenges which can make a real difference to their energy usage and electricity bill.

“For example, an average small business that uses approximately 35MWhrs annually could halve their bills by raising $20,000 to purchase a 20kW solar system.

“We recently installed a 20kW solar system for a child care and their bills went from around $12,000 to just over $5,000 in a year.

“We look forward to working with community groups to determine how they can deliver a cleaner energy future,” said Mr Perry.

Albert Park College in the state’s south is the first community organisation to participate in the program. EnergyAustralia will work closely with the school to help them achieve their goal of becoming the first state school in Australia to achieve their goal of carbon neutrality.

Community organisations are invited to contact EnergyAustralia for more information regarding participation in the program by emailing

How it works:  

  • The Sunraiser program is aimed at providing community groups with cleaner energy solutions. 
  • Upon signing up, eligible community groups gain access to a unique EnergyAustralia gas and electricity ‘Community Plan’ to share with their members. 
  • All plans offer customers EnergyAustralia’s best market percentage discount off usage, with no lock in term.
  • For each account sign up, EnergyAustralia will donate $100 (per fuel) which can be redeemed for energy efficient products such as solar PV systems, battery storage units and LED lighting. 
  • If 100 community members sign up to a gas and electricity account, EnergyAustralia will donate $20,000 which could be used to purchase;
    • 20kW solar system (75panels)
    • 14kWhr battery storage unit (equivalent to a Tesla power wall)
  • Eligible community groups may include schools, churches, RSL, sporting clubs, local councils, not-for-profits and charities.
  • For more information contact EnergyAustralia at
Media Release - EA launches program to improve community groups energy efficiency