June 13, 2014
Albert Park College is one step closer to its goal of becoming the first carbon neutral state school in Australia, with the installation of a new solar panel system.
With the help of EnergyAustralia, the school recently completed the first phase of this project with 10 of the planned 90 kilowatts being added over the school holiday. The system produces enough energy over a year to power the average home for two years.
The installation of this solar panel system forms part of the school’s wider greening strategy, which has included a range of initiatives such as naturally ventilated buildings and low energy lighting. The school has also installed a rain harvesting system that supplies two thirds of the school’s water needs and has saved 300,000 litres over the past three years.
Albert Park College Principal Steve Cook said the project reflected the school’s community spirit and the passion its students and parents had for the environment and sustainable practices.
“This initiative has been largely driven by our school community. We had a committed group of parents that were responsible for developing our greening strategy which included our new solar system,” Mr Cook said.
Field Services Manager Hilton Garcia from EnergyAustralia has provided advice and support to the school during the installation.
“EnergyAustralia is committed to providing energy efficient solutions to customers,” Mr Garcia said.
“As a local Baysider, it’s been great to work on a project that not only promotes renewable energy but has also helped the school to save on its energy costs
“It’s been great to work on such a successful community initiative. We’re now looking at ways we can partner with other schools to help them achieve the same benefits.”
Albert Park College is looking to complete the second phase of their solar project later this year, with the installation of another 20 kilowatts. They are hoping to raise the funds through community support.
If you are interested in donating funds towards to this project, please contact the school on 8695 9000.