March 29, 2018

EnergyAustralia, one of the country’s leading energy retailers, today said it continues to make opportunities available to locals to help ease the Latrobe Valley employment issue with the recent closure of Hazelwood power station and mine, alongside other businesses. During the past 12 months EnergyAustralia Yallourn has employed 27 people full time, 17 of which worked at Hazelwood. 

Head of Yallourn Mark Pearson said EnergyAustralia and its alliance partners, Ventia and RTL through the Latrobe Valley Worker Transfer Scheme, will continue to fill roles made vacant as more Yallourn personnel take up the early retirement opportunity. 

“When any large employer closes the impacts are significant. We’re very pleased to be in a position where we can offer secure, well-paid jobs in the region,” Mr Pearson said. 

The company’s commitment, announced in May 2017, involves EnergyAustralia:

  • Calling for expressions of interest in early retirement from among the Yallourn power station's existing workforce, comprising employees and alliance partners, to create new job opportunities within the Latrobe Valley.
  • Ensuring that Hazelwood workers have the opportunity to be considered for any roles made available.

EnergyAustralia has provided the opportunity for around 50 of Yallourn’s workers to take part in the early retirement scheme from various parts of the business.

Also, during a 70-day major outage program at Yallourn late last year, there were around 28 ex-Hazelwood employees brought on alongside the plant’s casual workforce.

Mr Pearson encouraged job-seekers to register for updates on opportunities through the Latrobe Valley Authority. Positions vacant are also advertised on the EnergyAustralia careers website.