October 31, 2023

EnergyAustralia today advised it will undertake a managed release of water from the Thompsons Creek Reservoir, which supplies water to its Mt Piper power station, after receiving approval from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and the Environmental Protection Authority.

The release of water follows the Thompsons Creek Reservoir approaching its High Operating Level and is required as part of the management of the reservoir’s capacity.

The daily release of approximately 115 ML of water via the Pipers Flat Creek Outlet into the Coxs River system above Lake Wallace will commence on Wednesday, 1 November and continue for approximately 30 days until sufficient capacity is restored in the reservoir.

EnergyAustralia Head of Mt Piper Steve Marshall said: “EnergyAustralia completed a similar release of water from the Thompsons Creek Reservoir during November and December 2022

“We know the impact of the 2022 water release on the small number of neighbouring properties was limited and we have ensured those neighbours and local stakeholders are aware of our plan.

“The high-water level at the Thompsons Creek Reservoir is the result of reduced water needs at Mt Piper with low generation occurring during the warm spring and higher flows of treated water from the Springvale Water Treatment Plant.

“Importantly, our testing indicates that the water quality in the Thompsons Creek Reservoir, which is also a popular spot for local anglers, is better across a number of measures than the current water quality in the Coxs River.

“While the release is being undertaken as part of our management of the dam’s capacity, it will also have downstream benefits with improved environmental flows for the Coxs River system.”

EnergyAustralia is committed to working with our local stakeholders as it implements the water release.  Water releases are subject to the requirements under the Dam Safety Act, EnergyAustralia’s Water Access Licence 27428 and Environment Protection Licence 13007.

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