August 23, 2023

EnergyAustralia today announced it will commence technical and environmental studies for its proposed Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project, to be located on EnergyAustralia-owned land near Lithgow in NSW.  

The commencement of work on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) follows the release this week of the NSW Government’s Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs).  This can be viewed here.   

Mike de Vink, EnergyAustralia’s Lake Lyell Project Director, said a team of experts will conduct in-depth studies over the next 12 months to identify the potential impacts of the project and mitigation measures.

“Specialists will be out in the field, analysing biodiversity, aquatic ecology, Aboriginal heritage, social impact, water and climate effects, and more. We will also assess the project's potential for creating local economic growth and job opportunities.

“The studies will span day and night, across seasons, and extend to understanding the movements of transitory and migratory animal species. Findings from these studies will guide our project team to ensure special consideration is given in project design and construction where necessary. 

“Community engagement continues to be an essential part of the project and we will share the EIS and seek community input. 

“Our recent relocation of the project's upper reservoir, in response to visibility concerns raised by locals, demonstrates we are serious about listening to the Lithgow community.  

“We’re pleased to be making progress on the Lake Lyell project.  Pumped hydro projects like this, together with large scale batteries, are what Australia needs to store the excess energy generated by renewables, as we move away from coal and towards a clean energy future.” 

The 335MW Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project will be capable of producing enough energy to power over 150,000 households for eight hours and will create 600 jobs during construction.

Final concept plans and the project’s Environmental Impact Statement are expected to be exhibited around mid-2024.

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