February 12, 2016

EnergyAustralia today announced it had appointed Cummins&Partners its new creative agency. EnergyAustralia's Chief Customer Officer, Kim Clarke said the agency would be responsible for developing and "bringing to life" campaigns to attract and retain customers in the highly competitive retail energy market.

"EnergyAustralia was comprehensively revamped in 2015 with a new executive team, a new business structure and a renewed, sharper focus on the customer," Ms Clarke said. "We took a fresh look at each and every part of our business and that included testing Australia's pool of creative agencies.

"The quality of pitches we received was outstanding; there is some wonderful talent out there. Ultimately Cummins&Partners showed they understood our commitment to take the worry out of our customers’ lives, and they felt like a great fit with our team and the culture we are building at EnergyAustralia," Ms Clarke said.

She said market competition was more intense than ever at a time when, according to EnergyAustralia’s research, customers on average spend just 11 minutes each year thinking about their energy retailer.

"That 11 minutes is precious so we will be pushing Cummins&Partners for an approach that is sharp, meaningful and compelling, one that makes it clear how EnergyAustralia stands apart from its peers," Ms Clarke said. “We have some exciting plans for 2016 and we’re looking forward to working with our new creative agency to really bring them to life - watch this space."

Cummins&Partners Chief Executive Officer, Chris Jeffares said the appointment was an exciting opportunity to partner with a company that had the courage and commitment to overhaul every aspect of its business to better serve the customer.

"Throughout the pitch process EnergyAustralia demonstrated its drive to make customer its priority; it’s up to us to match that passion in how we apply ourselves and the campaigns that we develop. It is clear they are not satisfied with just matching the competition; EnergyAustralia is driven to excel. We are looking forward to being part of its successful transformation," Mr Jeffares said.