October 9, 2023

EnergyAustralia today confirmed that New South Wales’ largest energy storage system, the Riverina Stage 2 and Darlington Point Batteries, is now available for commercial operation as part of an exclusive 10-year off-take agreement with Edify Energy.

Under the agreement, EnergyAustralia has market control for a contracted output of a combined 90MW/180MWh for the Riverina and Darlington Point batteries. The system has a two-hour duration providing enough energy for around 49,000[1] NSW homes before being recharged.

EnergyAustralia Head of Portfolio Development Daniel Nugent said: “As we head into summer, the Riverina and Darlington Point battery system will be there for those very hot days to support system reliability and help keep our customers’ homes cool.

“EnergyAustralia will also have construction and testing completed at Tallawarra B, our new gas and hydrogen capable power station, completed in the coming months. This 316MW power station will also be online over the summer to support customer demand at peak times and contribute to system security.

“Access to the Riverina and Darlington Point system adds to EnergyAustralia’s growing portfolio of renewable firming investments and forms part of our plan to deploy over $5 billion in capital with partners in energy storage and renewables firming initiatives.

The Riverina and Darlington Point system project and the progress we are making with bringing our Wooreen battery project to financial close and accelerating the development of the Mt Piper battery project demonstrates the contribution we are making to the clean energy transition and our commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050.”

For further information please contact:

Jacinta Smith 

Ph: 0430 7555 37



[1] Based 1.81kW for the P0E10 of an average mass market customer