Our vision is to see the Tallawarra Lands developed for sustainable residential, commercial, recreational and environmental use.

Project update: February 2017

EnergyAustralia will sell the land near Tallawarra power station to property development company the Bridgehill Group.

The Bridgehill Group will progress the development broadly in line with the existing NSW Government approved Concept Plan, which allows for the development of more than  1000 new homes. 

EnergyAustralia believes the land redevelopment will deliver significant long-term social and economic benefits for the community through the provision of affordable housing, improved local amenities and new employment opportunities.

Community consultation

We’ve been working closely with the local community since we first bought the land in 2003 and continue to provide updates through our Community Liaison Group.

There will be further opportunities for community consultation with the property developer, Bridgehill Group, once the project enters the detailed planning stage.

Do you have an interest in this project?

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