Stony Gap Wind Farm has the potential to provide clean energy to over 64,000 homes.


About Stony Gap Wind Farm

We are proposing to build a new wind farm in South Australia, approximately 125km north of Adelaide. The site is approximately 5km from the town of Burra, located on two parallel ridgelines of the Tothill Ranges running north to south.

The proposed Stony Gap Wind Farm will consist of 35 turbines, installed on towers 85 metres high. These turbines will be able to produce a maximum total generating capacity of up to 105 megawatts, which is capable of meeting the energy needs of over 64,000 homes.

The benefits

The proposed Stony Gap Wind Farm will provide significant social and economic benefits for the Mid-North community as well as providing a source of clean energy for South Australia.

The construction and operation of the Stony Gap Wind Farm is expected to inject $13 million into the local economy over a four-year period, provide job opportunities and support local businesses as our service providers.

Project update

In November 2014, the South Australian Environment, Resources and Development (ERD) Court granted Development Plan Consent to our proposed Stony Gap wind farm.

We are now re-assessing the project based on current market conditions as well as government policy and legislation.

We will continue to work with the local community and seek to proactively engage stakeholders as we determine next steps.

Community consultation

We will keep the wider community updated through newsletters, meetings with community groups, local land owners, the council and this website. We will respond to community enquiries and feedback, provide progress updates face-to-face as well as through print and electronic media when needed.