We’re an energy company. One of Australia’s biggest with over 1.7 million customers and 2,500 employees. We’re involved in both the generation of energy and retailing a range of products and services to households and businesses. We’re working on new ideas to provide affordable, clean energy for all. But challenges like this aren’t solved by one person alone. So we’re building teams of creative and innovative thinkers to tackle the problems, big and small in new ways. Every person at EnergyAustralia plays an important role in making a difference in how we light the way.

Our operations fall into three main areas of activity

Careers - Customer focus

Customer focus

Our priority is to deliver better outcomes for our customers. 

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Who we are

Energy business

We make and buy the energy that’s driving Australia forward. 

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Enterprise delivery

Creating the platform on which our entire business is built. 

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