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The older of the two power stations, Wallerawang Power Station, started operating in 1957. The coal fired power station consists of two units with a combined capacity of 1,000MW, with the power station previously capable of supplying around 950,000 homes in New South Wales each year.

During its lifetime, it played an important role in providing power for the western rail electrification and the development of New South Wales' western coalfields.  More recently, it has helped supply electricity to the NSW residential and business energy market.

In the late 1970’s it underwent a significant overhaul which saw the current two 500MW turbines built. The power station underwent its last major refurbishment in the mid-1990s to extend its operational life by another 15 years.

In November 2014, EnergyAustralia announced that it would be closing Wallerawang power station. Ongoing lower energy demand and Wallerawang’s higher operating costs caused by age and inefficiency ultimately led to this decision.

In developing closure plans, EnergyAustralia is working with local authorities and consulting with key stakeholders about our proposed approach.

Once these plans are completed, they will be shared with the wider community for feedback before they are finalised and submitted for approval.