In order the meet regulatory requirements, EnergyAustralia has made minor amendments to our Standing Offer Terms and Conditions for Victorian customers. These changes, can be found in our

The following Frequently Asked Questions should help you understand why we are making these changes and what they mean for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – Victorian Standing Offers

What is a standing offer?

Under Victorian legislation, retailers are required to offer a contract based on a set of specified terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions must be approved by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the independent regulator of energy retailers in Victoria.  These offers are basically a retailer’s “no frills” product and do not contain features such as discounts from the published rates.
Standing Offers are generally used by customers who have not contacted a retailer to enter a market offer, or simply want to enter a contract that meets these minimum terms and conditions and are not concerned about price.

Why are you changing my contract?

You may recall that we sent you notification in mid 2012 to inform you that your Standing Offer Terms and Conditions were changing.  This was because all States and Territories in the National Electricity Market had committed to implementing the National Energy Customer Framework on 1 July 2012. This move was going standardise the minimum contractual requirements across the states and reduce the inefficiencies arising from having a different regulatory regime in each state.  EnergyAustralia (then known as TRUenergy) amended its contracts in order to comply with the new requirements.  
On 13 June, the Victorian Government announced that it would not be adopting the Framework, and consequently Energy Australia has been required to amend your contract so that it reflects the Victorian regulatory arrangements.

I didn’t agree to this – how can you change my contract without my permission?

While your previous contract was in a form approved by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER)in anticipation of a consist regulatory regime being applied in all states, Energy Australia  is now required by legislation to change its standing offer contract to a form approved by the Essential Services Commission.

What does this mean for me?

The changes to your contract are minor. Your previous version contained the minimum terms required by the AER and these changes simply reflect the terms required by the ESC and do not materially alter your rights under your contract.  For full information on your rights under a Standing Offer Contract, please refer to the Victorian Energy Retail Code.