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The bright sides of solar

Solar energy is clean energy. It reduces pollution and your reliance on the electricity grid because you’re generating your own power.

A huge benefit of this is lower electricity bills while reducing carbon emissions. Plus, with a battery system, you can store your unused power for later (regardless of the weather) or send (sell) it back to the grid. 

In addition, your home’s value can be increased with solar power, so it’s a good long-term investment, and requires low maintenance overall too.

Capturing the energy: Solar panels capture energy from the sun, converting sunlight into direct current (DC).
Converting the energy: A solar inverter converts the energy into alternating current (AC) so your home can use it.
Tracking usage: A digital meter tracks the electricity you send to the grid to ensure you receive the applicable solar feed-in tariff.
Storing excess energy: Excess energy can be stored within solar batteries – helpful during cloudy days or at night.
Sending excess energy back to the grid: We buy unused, excess energy back from you at the applicable feed-in tariff rate.