Rules of interpretation and capitalised terms used in this Pricing Schedule are defined in the Telecommunications General Terms of our SFOA.


1.1 Our Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA)

  • This is the Pricing Schedule that applies to the Services provided by EnergyAustralia as part of our SFOA.
  • The Telecommunications General Terms of our SFOA, and the other documents listed in clause 1.2 of the Telecommunications General Terms, also apply to your Service.
  • All prices are GST inclusive unless otherwise noted.


2.1 EnergyAustralia Voice Service

EnergyAustralia Voice Service fees Monthly fee  Call Costs 
EnergyAustralia Voice Monthly Rental Fee with NBN Data $10.00

Local calls1  – Included in Voice plan

National calls – Included in Voice plan

Mobile calls - 15c per minute or part thereof

13, 1300 calls - 44c 

Acceptable Use Policy applies

1900 calls NA Restricted
International Calls NA International Call Rates


Calls to mobile phones from EnergyAustralia Voice and fixed line phone products are charged in 60 second blocks or part thereof.

EnergyAustralia Voice Optional Services Fee for Services Additional Charges
Call Forwarding Always NA Call Charges Apply3
Call Forwarding Busy NA Call Charges Apply3
Call Forwarding No Answer NA Call Charges Apply3
Call Forwarding Selective NA Call Charges Apply3
Call Waiting NA Call Charges Apply3
Voice Mail NA NA
Voice Messaging to Email NA NA
Caller Line ID Delivery Blocking NA NA


Other Plan
Contract Term (months) 12
Minimum Cost over 12 months3 $120.00
Setup/Installation Fee for Standard Installations Free

2.2 Exclusions

Voice plans do not support 19/1900 numbers calls, fax, dial up modem or other analogue data calls e.g. EFTPOS, back to base alarms and other monitoring systems using phone lines, and similar features. EnergyAustralia Voice plans cannot be used by our customers for telemarketing, call centre function and similar uses.


Plan Name Plan Speed (Mbps)5 Minimum Total Cost6 Month-Month
  Minimum Total Cost4  12 Month
Data Allowance
EnergyAustralia Go nbn   Standard - Typical Evening Speed 20.91 Mbps  $65.95 $791.40 Unlimited
EnergyAustralia Go Further nbn  Premium - Typical Evening Speed 80 Mbps  $85.95 $1031.40 Unlimited


Under the terms of our wholesale agreement, we may be charged for the below activities. Where we incur these charges, we may bill these charges to you.  However, we will notify you of these charges before doing the work or when you make your appointment. We will only proceed with the activity if you agree to pay these charges.

  1. non-standard installations;
  2. subsequent installations;
  3. additional installations;
  4. changes to installations;
  5. repair, modification or removal of equipment;
  6. invalid faults (where you report a fault with your Service, and the issue is not with NBN Equipment);
  7. central splitter installations (where requested by you or required to resolve performance issues with your Service); and
  8. restored orders (where you ask for an order that has been put on hold to be reinstated).

4.1 Late Cancellation or Missed Appointment Fee

If you cancel an appointment with insufficient notice or you are not in attendance at your premises at the agreed appointment time, we may charge you a fee of $220.00 (incl. GST).

4.2 Incorrect Call-Out Fee

If we attend your premises to repair a Fault reported by you, but we determine that there is no Fault or the Fault is caused by Your Equipment, unless otherwise specified in the Pricing Schedule, we may charge you a fee of $220.00 (incl. GST) for attendance.

4.3 Decline Fee

We do not currently charge customers a fee if a direct debit or credit card payment is declined. However, in future we reserve the right to pass on any such charges imposed by our bank.  If we do introduce a Decline Fee, we will update our Pricing Schedule with the amount of the charge in accordance with the General Terms.  Please refer to the most recent version of this Pricing Schedule, available here


Hardware Price
TP Link Archer VR500v $125.00
Netcomm NF18ACV $158.50

The cost of Hardware purchased during the application process is deducted immediately from the credit card supplied in the application


Product Type Tenure (months)
EnergyAustralia Go nbn Plan NBN $120.00
EnergyAustralia Go Further nbn Plan NBN $120.00


1 Our Acceptable Use Policy applies to Local Calls.
2 Our Acceptable Use Policy applies to National Calls. National calls are defined as Australian Geographic numbers (those prefixed with an area code) and would not include premium services such as 13xx, 19xx, 18xx.
3 Calls forwarded to another destination will be charged at standard call charge rates.

4 Assuming there is no Early Termination Fee incurred.
5 Regardless of the nbn technology type connected at your address, the actual speed of your service will often be slower than the maximum line speed. During peak evening periods of 7pm-11pm you can expect to have typical download speeds of 21 Mbps on the 25/5 service and 80 Mbps on the 100/40 service. Service speeds will vary due to a range of factors including congestion on the nbn network, especially during busy periods, type of modem, number of devices connected to the network, source of data, the technology connection to your home and your location.
6 Monthly plan cost when an existing customer maintains their gas or electricity supply with EnergyAustralia including a $10 discount. Plan prices otherwise $75.95 for 25/5 and $95.95 for 100/40 per month with minimum plan charges of $911.40 and $1151.40 respectively.