Transferring your gas or electricity is easy, especially when you understand the steps involved. We’re here to help along the way and make it as easy as possible for you. 

Step 1 - Welcome

Soon after signing up with EnergyAustralia you’ll receive your Welcome Pack, which is full of information about your plan. However, if you’ve requested an Offer Summary Pack and have accepted the offer, the enclosed documents becomes your Welcome Pack. In the following weeks, we’ll be working on the technical stuff like transferring your meter information and setting up your details for billing.

The current energy retailer at the address will continue to manage the supply of energy until your meter information has transferred to us.

Step 2 - Cooling off period

You have 10 business days to change your mind. This means you’re free to cancel your agreement with us during this time, without incurring any costs. Further information about your cooling off period can be found in your Welcome Pack.

Step 3 - Meter read

To begin on your new plan, your meter information must be transferred to EnergyAustralia. Until then, the current energy retailer will continue to manage the supply of energy. 

When your final meter read occurs, this information is passed over to your previous retailer so they can send your final bill. This process can take a while as it depends on the 2-3 month cycle in which your meter is read by your network distributer.

Moving home?

If you’re moving home, your meter information will be transferred on the move-in date you requested and your next bill will be from EnergyAustralia.

Step 4 - Transfer complete

Once your meter has been read by your network distributer, you’ll receive notification from us to advise that your account is now officially with EnergyAustralia, and that we're now supplying your energy.

Step 5 - First bill

You can expect your first EnergyAustralia bill to arrive within 2-3 months of your meter read. We usually issue a bill every two months for gas and every three months for electricity.