Embedded networks utilise traditional building infrastructure to deliver utility services to end users, whilst creating ongoing income streams that can benefit building owners, building managers, residents and tenants.

If your site is a multi-tenanted complex, an embedded network may be a great option for you.

Benefits for property developers

Property developers who build and sell; or build, retain and manage, can benefit from an embedded network in a number of ways.

For developers who build and sell, the embedded network structure can provide an ongoing income stream to the owners corporation, which can result in lower building management fees for purchasers. This provides the developer with an attractive marketing differential.

Additionally, as buildings begin to age and require attention, the ongoing income stream can also help subsidise maintenance, so property purchasers benefit directly from reduced ongoing owners corporation fees.

For developers who build, retain and manage a site, the embedded network structure can provide an incremental revenue stream and resulting yield for the site.

Benefits for end users

Electricity embedded networks create a building-centric buying group which can provide attractive rates to end users in comparison to most traditional service providers.

A strong embedded network partner understands the needs of each building, which results in a strong and low-risk arrangement for all stakeholders.

Suitable settings for embedded networks include:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Retirement villages
  • Gated residential communities
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial towers
  • Business parks

Why EnergyAustralia?

We make the process simple

As one of Australia's largest energy providers and retailers, we'll take care of the end-to-end process of establishing and running an embedded network at your site through our related company, The Embedded Network Company. We'll provide operational, industry, and regulatory expertise to assess, energise, create, operate and manage your embedded network.

We aim to provide you with a fully managed, turn-key embedded network solution.

How we'll make it happen

Assess the suitability of your site

We'll assess your site and provide assistance and guidance with embedded network design requirements and provide you with an estimate of the benefits and costs of running the network.

Energise the development site

We can help facilitate the temporary supply of electricity to the site during the construction phase and then manage the transition to permanent supply.


We'll work with you to source, procure and install all appropriate parts for your embedded network infrastructure to ensure an integrated utilities distribution design and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Embedded network must operate within regulations, including the distribution, metering and on-selling of the services. We will work to ensure your embedded network adheres to these regulations.


Our dedicated specialists will manage your embedded network, including billing and customer service. We'll give you the help and support you need to make the most of the benefits of the network.

Additional products and services

We also provide additional products and services suitable for embedded network solutions including:

  • Solar power and energy storage solutions
  • Bulk hot water
  • Energy management solutions to support Green Star ratings initiatives