If you are an existing customer, this plan covers all outstanding account balances and estimated future Electricity or Gas charges (as applicable).

If you are a new customer, this plan will cover all estimated future charges starting from your first payment. 

If your instalments are not paid on the agreed date for the agreed amount, your plan may be cancelled and the full amount owing will become due and payable immediately.  Failure to pay the amount owing may result in disconnection of your Electricity or Gas supply (as applicable).

Cancelling your Regular Pay plan

If you wish to cancel this plan, please call us on 133 466. We will need at least 3 working days’ notice to cancel the payment plan, including the direct debit arrangements. If you cancel your direct debit, you must arrange with us an alternative method of payment if you wish to remain on the plan.

Change of Instalment Amounts

If the cost of your Electricity or Gas consumption usage increases or decreases, EnergyAustralia reserves the right to review and adjust the instalment amount. For all customers, including those using Direct Debit, we will give you at least 14 days’ notice in writing of any changes to your instalment amount. This notice will include the new amount, frequency, next drawing date and any other changes to the terms.