Panoramic Power is an exciting new solution which enables your business to monitor electricity usage at a circuit level.

The solution uses a range of easy to install, self-powered, wireless sensors which are placed by a licensed electrician on each circuit you would like to monitor. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure, never requiring maintenance, service or battery replacement. You can then view the performance of individual sensors, or group them together via the insights and analytics platform.

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The insights and analytics platform allows you to:

  • Measure key metrics such as Power (kW) Energy (kWh), Current (A), Voltage (V), Active/Reactive Power, Power Factor and Frequency
  • Set automated alerts to inform you of high usage and identify appliance efficiency
  • Identify equipment faults and enable predictive maintenance to avoid downtime
  • Monitor out of hours energy consumption and adjust turn off procedures
  • Know which devices are spiking demand and stagger machine start up to shift loads and reduce demand profile
  • Benchmark production lines or sites against each other to help optimise efficiencies
  • Calculate pay back periods for energy efficiency products and services, or equipment upgrades (i.e. solar, battery, DC to AC motors, upgraded HVAC systems)

This in-depth data can help your organisation take control of your energy usage, and asset performance to deliver significant potential savings. Access is through an easy to use web interface and mobile application, with daily/weekly/monthly reports and training also provided.

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