EnviroTemp is a one-time treatment that is added to your air conditioner, refrigeration unit or chiller, to improve the overall energy efficiency of your system. This can help to reduce your maintenance requirements, energy costs and carbon footprint.

EnviroTemp is a highly-concentrated oil-based product which forms a permanent protective layer in your system’s refrigeration circuit, replacing stagnant oil and ensuring refrigerant can travel through the system smoothly.

The treatment can be applied quickly and easily by a qualified technician, and results take effect immediately on smaller systems and within weeks on larger systems, maximising your return on investment. With oil-based refrigerated systems estimated to lose up to 30% of their efficiency within the first few years of operation^, it’s a great way to protect your investment in new equipment, or improve efficiency in older systems.

Case studies have shown EnviroTemp to deliver significant system performance improvements, in one example this was estimated to deliver energy savings in the range of 10-15%*. The treatment has also delivered improvements in SEI cooling ratings up to 20%*, and is in use in tens of thousands of systems worldwide.

EnviroTemp Before
EnviroTemp After

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*Oxford Landing Winery, South Australia, study conducted in 2017 by a ClimaCheck certified technician for EnviroTemp ^American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers