How To Chill This Summer


From keeping the sun off your windows to reducing your air-conditioning electricity bills, there's plenty you can do to make your home – and everyone in it – as cool and safe as possible this summer.

Work your windows

It's a simple rule: when it's cool outside, let the air in; when it's hot outside, keep it out. Generally, this means opening your windows at night for those welcome cool breezes and closing everything up during the day

Cool tip: don't forget to consider your pets' comfort as well. 

Set some screen time

Screen your windows from the outside with shades, shutters, eaves or plants to keep the hot summer sun off them (if you choose deciduous plants, they'll lose their leaves in winter and let the winter sun in). The next best thing is screening the inside of the windows with curtains or blinds.

Cool tip: Indoor plants play a part in improving your indoor air quality and can help keep you cool too. So go a bit potty!

Expand your fan base

Fans are cheap to run so it will help a lot in lowering your energy bills. So try a fan first, before reaching for the aircon remote. And make sure your ceiling fans are on the summer setting: running anticlockwise and pushing air down.

Cool tip: putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan can help cool the air further.

Go easy on the breezy

In most homes, on very hot days, the air conditioning is the only thing that hits the spot. To use aircon without blowing a big hole in the family budget:

  • Only use it when you really need to
  • Don't set it too cold. A one-degree difference can reduce your cooling electricity bill by 10 per cent, so instead of setting your aircon to 20°C, set it to somewhere between 24 and 27°C. You'll still feel the benefits
  • Get your aircon unit serviced regularly
  • It's a big investment, but consider installing solar panels. With renewable energy, you can power your aircon cheaply and guilt-free

Insulation persuasion

It's another big investment, but consider insulation for your ceiling, walls and under the floor. And block gaps around windows and doors. It will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cool runnings

You'll want to keep those soft drinks icy cold for when a thirst strikes, but there's no need to overdo it. Set your fridge temperature to 4 or 5°C and your freezer to between -15 and -18°C, it'll run more efficiently and help you save on your bill.

Golden globes

If you haven't already, switch to LED globes. They're not only cheaper to run than the old incandescent bulbs, they radiate less heat.

It's cool to stay safe

Finally, always remember to stay safe during summer.

  • Fire safety - don't overload power points, make sure you have working smoke alarms, and have an escape plan. Your state fire authority will have more information
  •  COVID-19 safety: be aware of your local regulations if you're socialising this summer
  • Pool safety: if you have a pool, run through a pool-safety checklist and make sure everyone knows the rules about using it.

These tips should help you chill this summer but if you want to go big, why not consider installing a solar pv system for your home? By using solar energy, you get clean energy that's good for you and the planet. Give us a call at 136 385, or get us to call you, and we'll be happy to talk about how you can start using solar power in your home.