EnergyAustralia and Sydney Zoo: solar power for precious creatures

Mark Brownfield, Chief Customer Officer at EnergyAustralia, and Chris Rivett, Chief Commercial Officer at Sydney Zoo.

What’s more warm and fuzzy than capybaras basking in the sun? Capybara habitats with solar power, of course!  

We’re wildly excited to announce that EnergyAustralia has partnered with Sydney Zoo as the zoo’s official solar and energy partner.  

We’ve teamed up with the team at Eastern Creek to install 602 solar panels across eight buildings on the site. EnergyAustralia estimates that the 271kw system generates up to half of the zoo’s peak electricity needs on a sunny summer’s day and prevents over 200 tonnes of CO2 associated with the zoo’s electricity consumption in the first year alone*. 

“We want to make the renewable energy transformation as simple as possible for our all of our customers – including the furry kind,” says Mark Brownfield, Chief Customer Officer at EnergyAustralia.  

“Partnering with Sydney Zoo has been a great way to demonstrate how we can support our customers to easily adopt more renewable energy solutions like solar – whether it’s a home for four, a business of 40, or a zoo for 4,000.” 

At EnergyAustralia, we have the koala-ifications to help large commercial customers like the zoo, small business customers, and residential customers take up more renewable energy solutions.  

A paw-fect power partnership 

"We are thrilled to partner with EnergyAustralia to help power Sydney Zoo with solar energy," said Chris Rivett, Chief Commercial Officer.  

Founded in 2015, Sydney Zoo’s mission is to “deliver a world class guest experience that encourages the community to make a difference”.  

The team at Sydney Zoo create remarkable experiences for the community by introducing them to a range of animal species from all over the world, while also educating on animal welfare and conservation. 

With a commitment to conservation a priority for Sydney Zoo, a partnership with a focus on renewable energy solutions just made sense. 

Helping to solar power (ahem…monkey) business 

It takes a lot of energy to power a 41-acre zoo that’s home to over 4,000 animals. Now, Sydney Zoo can do so with the help of the sun, marking another big step forward on their conservation journey. 

Elephant brothers Kavi and Ashoka can swim and splash all day long in their unique pump-powered elephant pool, now partially powered by the sun. 

Solar energy also drives innovative auto feeders for the zoo’s mob of meerkats and otter couple, Saigon and Intan, delivering surprise treats that stimulate natural behaviours. 

Getting schooled on the sun 

As part of the collaboration, the estimated 80,000 students who visit Sydney Zoo annually will gain a deeper understanding of solar and renewable energy solutions. 

We’re looking forward to seeing this partnership have its time in the (sun) light. 

Discover more about our solar solutions.  

*Based on EnergyAustralia’s performance guarantee to Sydney Zoo on generation, and on Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW): “Australia’s emissions projections 2023”.