EnergyAustralia’s role in accelerating the green transport revolution – we're doing it

EnergyAustralia’s role in accelerating the green transport revolution – we're doing it

The Australian Government recently legislated a pledge to cut carbon emissions by 43% by 2030 and to net zero by 2050. It’s a big step forward towards accelerating lower carbon emissions and building the infrastructure to make this transition easy.

Transport is Australia’s third largest contributor to carbon emissions after power stations and mines. In the past few years, we have seen electric vehicles (EVs) emerge as a popular alternative. This increased interest in electric transport across public and private sectors demands the remodelling and rethinking of existing strategies and operations.

We spoke with Jack Kotlyar, Head of NextGen at EnergyAustralia about the company’s activity in the green transport space.

What is a generator and retailer like EnergyAustralia doing in the transport sector? What is your objective here?

After power stations and mines, transport is Australia’s third largest contributor to carbon emissions. And once a couple more power stations close, transport will be #1.

At EnergyAustralia we are committed and working towards decarbonising energy production by 2050. Simultaneously, we are leading the transition to cleaner energy in a way that maintains the same safe, reliable and affordable access to energy for everyone. We understand energy, and we understand what it takes to build the robust electric network and infrastructure required to accelerate the transport industry’s transition to electric vehicles. We have the will, the expertise and the context necessary to enable the transport sector to accelerate its clean energy transformation and achieve its carbon neutral goals.

How do you envision EnergyAustralia helping the transport sector in its clean energy transformation?

The awfully exciting thing is we have the technology to transition to a low carbon future in both the energy and transport sectors. We know how to make carbon-free electrons and carbon-free hydrogen. And it will require some adjustment switching from petrol and diesel to green electrons, but that’s where we can help, by electrifying and greenifying depots and charging stations in a holistic manner. We at EnergyAustralia want to make this process simple for our customers. We want to provide everyone who wants to electrify and greenify their fleet, whether it is an electric scooter, car, bus or truck fleet, with a safe, reliable and affordable depot/site electrification solution. This includes solar, battery, chargers, electrons, a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) and even extra options like public chargers to open up new revenue streams for our customers. And this is all customised to the customers’ needs.

Green transport

How will EnergyAustralia’s Green Transport offering help organisations within the transport sector achieve their net zero emissions goals?

We understand most organisations within the transport industry have a date they need to work towards to decarbonise their business. Reaching these targets requires planning, infrastructure and funding. 

EnergyAustralia can help in each of these areas. In addition to helping our customers with the electric infrastructure required to keep their fleets moving, we’re also able to offer a range of funding options for getting an EV project off the ground and running. Whether it’s on-bill financing arrangements or working with financing partners, we can help businesses manage the infrastructure and maintenance of their fleet electrification ambitions.

Do you believe the move by the transport sector to completely switch from fossil fuel-driven vehicles to electric vehicles by a specific date is a realistic goal?

Of course, it can be done. We have the technology; we have the money, and we have the will. In the same way, Australia has been successfully transitioning its power stations from high carbon to low carbon and is fast emerging as a leader in solar, with one of the highest percentages of solar installations anywhere in the world, we can do the same in the transport sector.

How are EnergyAustralia and your Green Transport team enabling this switch in the transport sector?

Simply put, we want to be the decarbonisation partner for our customers in the transport industries. The Green Transport team at EnergyAustralia is working closely with our customers and itransport industry to accelerate their transition to electric fleets. We are working on customised solutions based on the size and requirements of our customer’s business, tailoring the solar, battery and charging infrastructure, VPP and electron plans to match their carbon neutral goals and roadmap. 

Financing is also critical, and we have a range of plans, whether it be on bill financing, working with financing partners or using the retail electricity contract to find solutions for our customers.


What do you think is the biggest challenge that the transport industry faces during this transition to EVs? How can EnergyAustralia help?

Any large change can cause a certain amount of anxiety. Transitioning to electric vehicles is a massive switch, requiring a @lot of planning and expertise to execute the project. I feel the challenge is that it can be overwhelming if you think of doing it all on your own.

EnergyAustralia wants to be that one point of contact for our transport customers. Once a customer has chosen to start switching their vehicles to electric, EnergyAustralia wants to be that partner of choice to electrify and greenify their site, from the grid connection, to electricals, civils, the actual chargers, solar, battery, VPP, and even public charging, opening a new revenue stream for our customers.

There is some lack of clarity about electrification and greenification of the transport sector. How are the two different?

Electrification of fleets doesn’t mean those electrons are green or are coming from renewable sources. EnergyAustralia can support the complete ‘greenification’ of your fleet in many different ways. In addition to setting up your solar, battery and VPP at the site, we can also purchase renewable energy certificates and/or energy carbon offset certificates on behalf of our customers

We understand energy, and as an energy expert and generator/retailer, EnergyAustralia can help ensure your emissions targets are met. 

Based on the current trends in the transport industry, how close or far do you think we are from completely switching to EVs in Australia?

For organisations and individuals that have set themselves goals of decarbonising their fleet by 2025 or beyond, it can and will happen if they start acting on it now. We believe by 2050, most of our transport will be running on green energy. As more organisations in the transport sector switch to EVs and the infrastructure to support it grows, it will become easier to achieve our decarbonisation goals.

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Could you tell us a bit about your recent partnerships with bus, truck and car manufacturers? What does it mean for these sectors?

So, the exciting bit of electrifying and greenifying your transport fleet is visiting all the different dealerships and trying out all your options. If you haven’t already, get out there, more and more options are coming to Australia every day. Once you have chosen which electric vehicle you want to buy, you start to consider how you are going to fill it up with electrons. 

That’s when EnergyAustralia gets excited. To make it a safe, reliable and affordable process, the earlier we get involved, the more likely we can help our customers reach their goals.

We want to provide a one-stop shop for all depot/site electrification requirements and partnering with electric vehicle manufacturers to help their customers with this process is a step in this direction.

Do you believe Australia is ready for this big switch to EVs or is it another one of those trends that die in due course?

It’s already happening; it’s exciting for those switching over. That snowball is only getting bigger and bigger every day. We have the technology and know-how to make this a safe, reliable and affordable solution.

EnergyAustralia can help your business plan for the future of transport.  Learn more about EnergyAustralia’a Green Transport Energy Solutions or write to us at