Hardship policy

If you’re having difficulty making payments on your energy bills, or if you’d like advice on how to reduce your bills, we can help.

If you’re having difficulty paying your bill, call us as soon as possible.

If your issues are more long-term, we can arrange a suitable plan, advise you on government assistance and suggest ways you can save on energy use.

We will treat you with respect and take into consideration your particular circumstances.

When you call...

  • We’ll need to ask you some basic questions about your financial position and the circumstances relating to your financial difficulties. This helps us assess your eligibility for an instalment plan.
  • Try to work out how much you’re able to pay. This helps us tailor a plan that best suits you and your circumstances.

We can be flexible

Need more time to pay?

Fill out an extension request form or give us a call. We’re happy to discuss extending the terms of your payments so you can better manage your costs.

Would a personalised instalment plan help?

We have two options:

  • You can either pay your energy accounts in regular affordable instalments designed to suit your particular circumstances.
  • We also offer flexible plans, allowing you to make payments as you go, and then make up the difference when your bill is issued.

Call us for more information.

The government can help too


If you receive Centrelink payments, give us a call and we can set up regular amounts being transferred from these payments to your Centrepay expense account so you can pay your EnergyAustralia bill. Visit  Centrelink to find out more or talk to us and we’ll do the legwork for you.

State government support

You could be eligible for state government assistance with paying various utility bills. Visit the government’s MoneySmart site for info in your state.

Interpreter services

Need help understanding our hardship policy in your language? Choose your language or contact us for interpreter services.

Could you cut your energy costs?

Making your home more energy efficient could significantly reduce your energy bills.

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