Understanding prices & rates

Get a better grasp on prices and rates for electricity and gas plans.

How are energy prices and rates calculated?

Tariff structures have a big influence on how your home’s electricity and gas prices are calculated. These structures can differ by state, the area you live in, your energy retailer, the type of meter you have and – where it’s an option – the tariff you choose. Learn more on our tarrifs page.

What else impacts energy prices?

The various discounts and offers attached to energy plans influence how much you pay – these discounts vary from plan to plan. You’ll find these details on each of our electricity and gas plans.

eWise – helping you save on energy

eWise is our new initiative to help millions of homes with their energy efficiency. This quick and easy-to-use tool provides a clear snapshot on how you use energy, how to reduce your usage and how to save money.

eWise is personalised and compares your energy use to homes that are similar in size, type and features, such as heating and cooling. All this aims to provide a more meaningful overview of your usage.

You can track how your energy use varies year-round and explore energy efficiency tips for great ideas on how you can save on energy and bills.

Switching providers?

Compare our residential electricity and gas plans and find the one that’s right for you.

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