How to compare electricity and gas plans

Take the time and learn how to compare plans – it’ll leave you more informed when it comes to selecting a plan.

Plan comparison checklist

A little research and comparison can go a long way. Before you connect or make a switch, take in the following:

  • tariffs – what pricing scale is used for the particular plan?
  • discounts and offers – do you get a guaranteed discount or discount for paying your bills by the due date?
  • type of contract – is the plan on a standard or market retail contract ?
  • service options – do you receive a bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly bill? Is full payment required or can you opt for a payment plan?
  • fees and charges – are there connection/disconnection fees, late payment fees, concessions or early exit fees?
  • terms and conditions – how long is the benefit term? Are there any special conditions?
  • add-ons – are there green energy and solar power options on your plan?
  • features and benefits – what are the top three benefits of your chosen plan?

Compare electricity and gas plans in your state

eWise – helping you save on energy

The comparisons shouldn’t stop once you’re connected.

eWise is our new initiative to help millions of homes with their energy efficiency. This quick and easy-to-use tool provides a clear snapshot on how you use energy, how to reduce your usage and how to save money.

eWise is personalised and compares your energy use to that of homes that are similar in size, type and features, such as heating and cooling. All this aims to provide a more meaningful overview of your usage.

You can track how your energy use varies year-round and explore energy efficiency tips for great ideas on how you can save on energy and bills.

Switching providers?

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